About us

Suzhou Brother Plastic Co., Ltd. is an acrylic/plexiglass display manufacturer making various acrylic/plexiglass display and exhibition display products including acrylic signs, photo frames, cake racks, cosmetics display racks, jewelry boxes, literature display racks, gift racks, medals, badges, light boxes and furniture that are sold well in US, Japan, Germany, UK, Canada, Australia...

Apart from the above-mentioned products the transparent and colored products from acrylic sheet, we also manufacture the PETG and POS items in your ideal sizes, dimensions and shapes based on your ideas/drawings.

Our factory is equipped with various laser crave/cutting/marking machines, CNC machines, routers, polish machines and 2 production lines.  Thanks to the trading companies, we understand well the requirements of foreign markets and have been selling a lot of great OEM/ODM display products to above mentioned advanced economies. From us, you’ll have the various displays beyond your expectation.

We will never display your OEM/ODM items in our website, catalogue or brochure and the trade/fair/exhibition, without your written agreement.

We’re a reliable partner for your business. Our displays will make your products stand out from the crowd.


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Contact: James

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Email: sales@acrylicdisplayworld.com

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